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Joseph A. Meeks



This is Joseph Anderson Meeks, husband of Alice Terry Meeks.

Joseph Anderson Meeks was son of John Littleton Meeks and Sarah C. Warren.  Sarah was daughter of Moses Meeks of Lauderdale Co., MS.

Joseph Anderson Meeks was born 9 October 1852 Kemper Co., MS and died 21 November 1922 Prairieville, Kaufman Co., TX.  Joseph A. and Alice Terry Meeks are buried at Cana Baptist Church Cemetery, Van Zandt Co., TX.  Alice and Joseph ran the telephone exchange from their home (one long, two short rings) in first Van Zandt Co., TX, then Kaufman Co., TX.  They had no children, but in 1889 they were given a girl baby which only lived one year and is also buried with Joseph and Alice at Cana Cemetery.  They named her Josie Alice Meeks.

Of note:  I have the original letter written by a Martha R. Pool:

State of Texas
Van Zandt Co., Texas

Know all men by these parents that I Martha R. Pool do this day give unto J. A. Meeks and his wife, Alice Meeks, infant girl child to have and to hold as their own.  I father agree an agreement of writing binding it to them until it is of age bye Law they promising to feed & clothe it & give it common English education.

Martha R. Pool - Mark (X)
Witness: T. E. Westmoreland
this March 16th 1889

On back: "Little bade was borned February 9th 1889.  Gave to J. A. Meeks & Wife March 26th 1889"


Signed Martha R. Pool

She died March 24th 1890.




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